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Welcome to our New Store!

Posted by Mark Robins on 3rd Jul 2015

Welcome to our New Store!

The paint's still wet and there are a lot of boxes to unpack but we're open and ready for business.  Have a poke around - see what's new - see what's familiar - see what you think!

Why the change?

Well we've used the same platform for the last 15 years and although there have been many updates during that time - the overall look of the store hasn't really changed.  It fitted nicely on the screen with the catagories down the left and plenty of room in the middle for pictures and text.  But styles change and fewer customers are using PCs to shop online today...with a variety of Mobiles, Tablets and other technology we needed something that was multi-platform.  So you should see the new store is fully responsive accross the board.

In addition with eBay coming to the fore as well as Facebook stores opening up we needed something that could handle all of that and then some...

Security of course is also a high priority with Google recommending only a handful of stores that meet their high standards of service.  So we needed to make the move...

...We need your help!

Of course there are always a few bugs to iron out...some of you may have noticed that on Apple for example when you typed a word in the search box it was white on white!  Not very helpful...but we fixed it and now it's good to go.  Please tell us what you think and how we can improve.

FREE Delivery - back to our roots...

One of the core beliefs that we had all those years ago was 'the price you see is the price you pay.'  We were fed up of going to sites who hide the cost of VAT or delivery.  Or who offer free delivery but with so many stipulations you can never really work out what everything is going to cost til you are on the payment page.  That's simply wrong...

...we have stated on each product page the price including and excluding VAT.  If you check out that item no matter how small the delivery is FREE - if its over £59 net (£70.80inc.) then that's FREE Next Working Day under £59 and still FREE and delivered within 3-5 days.  You can enhance your delivery if you wish but when we say FREE delivery we mean FREE delivery. 

So take a tour - have a look - and let us know what you think...