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  • Pulex replacement squeegee rubber, Pulex rubber, Pulex squeegee rubber

    Pulex Rubber - ALL SIZES

    Pulex rubber is real vulcanized natural rubber (NR), which is compression molded, item by item, and must have consistent and homogeneous chemical and organic features. They process the raw material to obtain a mix with no impurities that...

  • unger rubber, soft and hard rubber, soft rubber, hard rubber boxed unger rubber, 25 x soft or hard rubber, soft rubber, hard rubber

    Unger Replacement Rubber

    Buy 10 or more and get an EXTRA 10% discount Buy 25 and we will give you 10% plus a FREE carry box*   Professional quality replacement Unger rubber. Available singly or in packs of 10 or boxes of 25*. Choice of Soft or Hard. Highly...

  • Unger scrim

    Unger scrim

    Window cleaning scrim for polishing and spot cleaning of glass surfaces. Buy 10 or more and get and EXTRA 10% discount Robust and durable.  Generous size for large surface.  Versatile bestseller. This is professional quality scrim,...

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  • window cleaning tools, unger prewashed scrim, window cleaning scrim, window washing and polishing, window cleaning equipment, unger scrim

    Unger Washed Scrim

    Soft and Super absorbing for polishing and spot cleaning glass surfaces. Traditional window cleaning comes down to two things a sharp rubber blade edge a quality window cleaning scrim Originally cotton scrim was produced for the tayloring...