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    unger rubber, soft and hard rubber, soft rubber, hard rubber boxed unger rubber, 25 x soft or hard rubber, soft rubber, hard rubber

    Unger Replacement Rubber

    Professional quality replacement Unger rubber. Available singly or in packs of 10 or boxes of 25*. Choice of Soft or Hard. Highly durable and efficient Unger rubber.  Sharp edges enable thorough wiping for superior finish. Soft...

    £1.31 - £4.05
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  • Pulex replacement squeegee rubber, Pulex rubber, Pulex squeegee rubber

    Pulex Squeegee Rubber - IPC Eagle

    Not all rubber is created equal - You don't always have to pay more to get the best! Integrated Professional Cleaning continue to produce Pulex rubber from real vulcanized natural rubber Vulcanized rubber is a material that undergoes a...

    £1.19 - £4.04
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  • Ettore Master Rubber - ALL SIZES

    Ettore Master Rubber - ALL SIZES

    Exclusively made for Ettore. Often imitated, never duplicated, Ettore Steccone's original squeegee design has remained essentially unchanged since its inception. His secret was, and is, in the rubber. With the same secrecy and security afforded soft...

    £2.55 - £5.05
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  • unger monsoon cover, window cleaning sleeve, window cleaning tools, unger monsoon sleeve washer

    Unger Monsoon Cover Sleeve

    Blended fabric sleeve with extra long fibres, scrub pad and Velcro fastener.   Excellent cleaning power. High water retention.  Machine washable up to 500 times. Designed for professional window cleaners.

    £9.41 - £12.96
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