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So you already know that bulk buying saves money...

                                                 ...and with our points system you're already saving up to spend on future purchase...

                                                                         ...but we thought hey! why can't we give you something off your current order.


So we did.


Introducing our new Tiered Discount Scheme (TDS) Now you can be rewarded with your current order as well as future orders.  How does it work?


The first tier reward is £50 before VAT - once you've added items to your cart you automatically qualify for the Wintecs Pen.  But that's just the start

The second tier kicks in at £100 before VAT - here you get your pen plus an additional £3.00 off the final payment price (£2.50 + VAT).

Third tier is £150 before VAT - your pen is still safe but will double the money off to £6.00 (£5.00 + VAT)

Keep spending and keep saving - and what's great is that every pound spent also increases the points you're collecting.


More proof that Wintecs makes it better