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New Products

New Products to Wintecs!

Keep up to date with the latest in window cleaning tools.

  • Moerman® Side Kit Pouch

    Moerman® Side Kit Pouch

    Water-resistant pouch and bottle holder. The Side Kit is a high-quality pouch with multiple compartments and a hidden zip sealed pocket on the reverse.  Magnetic Sealing Strip Size 28cm x 26cm x12cm Secure Belt Connection Quick Release Belt...

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  • Moerman® Toolholder 2.0

    Moerman® Toolholder 2.0

    A hip bucket with multiple compartments to hold all of your gear and keep you comfortable on the go. This tool holder is robust and spacious, allowing you to store a number of hand tools, with a curved back that tapers to the contours of your leg and...

    MSRP: £25.97
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  • Moerman® DryWalker Flex - Bucket On A Belt

    Moerman® DryWalker Flex - Bucket On A Belt

    No one really enjoys cleaning windows with wet legs. Drywalker Flex is Moerman ingenuity to succeed in creating the best conditions to keep your legs 100% dry but also to properly organise your work gear. Packing your BOAB has never been this easy...

    MSRP: £70.75
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  • MOERMAN® Bi-Component T-Bar - Wintecs Moerman® Bi-Component T-Bar

    Moerman® Bi-Component T-Bar

    A comfortable but sturdy anti-slip T-Bar. The Bi-Component T-bar features a tapered handle for comfort and grip and fits with any brand of washer sleeve.  Available in Sizes 10"/25cm, 14"/35cm & 18"/45cm Rigid Design &...

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  • Moerman® Excelerator 2.0 Premium Starter Kit

    Moerman® Excelerator 2.0 Premium Starter Kit

    This Exclusive Moerman bundle was carefully chosen to provide you with best-selling traditional tools from the Moerman® collection, including the Moerman Excelerator handle, Liquidator Channel, NXT-R Squeegee Rubber, premium microfibre sleeve and...

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  • Moerman® Excelerator 2.0 Complete Squeegee

    Moerman® Excelerator 2.0 Complete Squeegee

    A unique swiveling squeegee featuring the popular Excelerator handle and Liquidator channel The smooth swiveling handle reduces the strain on your wrists and makes it easy to cut right into awkward corners, even when working at height.  The Liquidator...

    MSRP: £30.95
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