SLXR Carbon and Hybrid Poles arrive at Wintecs Window Cleaning Tools

Posted by Mark Robins on 23rd Feb 2016

Once again the Streamline ® range is growing with the introduction of the new generation lightweight, lateral clamp carbon fibre telescopic water fed poles.

The XR™ range is a first for Streamline ® in lateral clamp telescopic pole design and offers ease of use, stiffness, reduced weight and flexible brush and jet options compared to previous ranges.

Available in 6x sizes, ranging from 23ft to 42ft reach from as little as £172 including brush, tubing and angle adapter

A choice of 2 materials

100 Range - 100% Full Carbon

70 Range   - 70/30 Carbon Hybrid

Some features and benefits,

  • Clamps can be configured to suit left hand or right hand operators
  • Lateral clamp tension can be adjusted without the need for tools, making it fast and easy to operate while you are out working
  • The clamp arrangement on Section-1 allows brush heads to be easily interchangeable
  • The composite sections comprise of 100% high quality carbon fibre making the pole very light and yet very stiff
  • The profiled base caps allow for egress of pole tubing whilst preventing the weight of the pole from squashing the tubing flat