Portable Water Fed Systems

We all know that its not always possible to get to every cleaning point with a van and hose.

Whether you need to go through a building, across a walkway, restricted parking areas or just need to get in somewhere awkward we have the cleaning solution for you.

  • 4.5m Telescopic Pole (AK159)

    Unger RINSE 'N' GO - Domestic Tub & Pole Kit

    UNGER Pure Water Cleaning Kit: Unger Pure Water Cleaning System: wash windows, glass facades, solar panels, conservatories with 100% pure water (without chemicals) for super clean and streak-free results. The Unger Pure Water Cleaning System is a...

    £244.50 - £292.70
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  • Streamline STREAMFLO Trolley, Mobile Water Fed Cleaning Solution

    Streamline STREAMFLO 25 Trolley System

    THE STREAMFLO®-25 TROLLEY Simply fill the container with tap water and it’s ready to work, producing 0ppm pure water on demand (version with resin filter only 072-DI). Commercial trolley built for the most demanding tasks, ideal for:...

    £768.75 - £928.75
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