Health & Safety

  • Ladder Mitts (per pair)

    Ladder Mitts (per pair)

    THEY'RE BACK! Tough Flexible Safe Since these materials are difficult and expensive to replace, once installed, Ladder Mitts pay for themselves quickly with one prevented accident. Ladder Mitts are moulded in tough, high visibility, orange...

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  • laddermat ladder safety


    Keeping things on the level. Laddermat anti-slip ladder leveller. ‘GOLD AWARD WINNING’ LADDERMAT anti-slip ladder leveller is made from heavy-duty rubber matting with nodules and is fully adjustable, ideal for use on sloping or uneven...

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  • Ladder Racks (Clamps)with Padlocks

    Ladder Racks (Clamps)with Padlocks

    Fed up with using bungees, straps and ties? Try our ladder clamps! Fits all roof racks safely and securely. Bottom hook fits around existing roof rack while top spinning bar winds down in seconds to secure all ladders safetly. Will lock down even triple...

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