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With the outsides gleaming - you want the inside to match!

Our easy to use system uses pure water to cleanse the glass - attracting dirt and debris to the pad.

Handheld or easy fit extension pole pad holder makes the job quick and simple 3 step cleaning.

  1. Apply the WASH pad to the pad holder and spray with DI water
  2. Switch to the CLEANING pad and lift the dirt 
  3. Replace with the POLISHING pad to buff

Job done!

  • Pad Holder (Handheld)

    Easy to use durable aluminium Pad Holder, designed to enable perfect pressure application for thorough and precise cleaning. Curved, non-slip rubber coated handle comfortably fits operator’s hand, reducing fatigue and improving movement control...

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  • Unger Microfibre Polish Pad

    Microfibre polish pad for regular cleaning. Removes dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt from glass and mirrors. Strong velcro backing for attaching to Padholder PHH20.

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  • Unger Microfibre Wash Pad

    Microfibre wash pad for periodic washing and heavy soil - 20cm   15mm long, thick fibres easily remove tough dirt. Strong Velcro backing for attaching to Padholder PHH20

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