T-Bars & Sleeves

A selection of our sleeves and Tbars to suit all needs.  Microfibre for additional water retaining properties and scrubs pads and filaments for additional non-abrasive action.

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    Unger Monsoon Cover Sleeve

    Blended fabric sleeve with extra long fibres, scrub pad and Velcro fastener.   Excellent cleaning power. High water retention.  Machine washable up to 500 times. Designed for professional window cleaners.

    £9.45 - £13.30
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    Unger Ninja Sleeve Cover

    Unger Ninja Sleeve Cover 25cm -75cm

    Blended fabric sleeve with 2 abrasive side pads and velcro fastener. Ultimate cleaning performance With rows of scrubbing fibres for effective removal of stubborn dirt High water retention Machine washable up to 500 times ErgoTec NINJA –...

    £11.40 - £18.60
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  • Unger Alu T-bar

    Unger Alu T-bar

    Lightweight solid aluminium T-Bar with plastic handle. Finger grooves on the handle for secure grip Fits securely to pole with Locking Cone

    £4.15 - £6.78
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  • Ettore NEW Microfibre Cover Sleeve

    Ettore NEW Microfibre Cover Sleeve

    The Latest Ettore Sleeve! - Retains twice as much water than a standard glove and drips less. Can be washed at temperatures of upto 90C. Long lasting and durable for efficient and effective window cleaning NOW WITH ADDED END SCOUR PAD

    £10.66 - £12.44
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    Unger ErgoTec T-bar

    Unger ErgoTec T-bar

    Durable plastic T-Bar with ergonomic bi-component handle. Water wells for increased water retention Fits securely to pole with Locking Cone

    £6.85 - £8.35
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  • Pulex Tiger Wash Cover Sleeve

    Pulex Tiger Wash Cover Sleeve

    A double action sleeve, the Pulex MicroTiger Washer combines soft abrasive stripes with a microfibre fabric to provide increased scrubbing action and excellent water retention. Ideal for those tough cleaning tasks.The MicroTiger sleeve has an abrasive...

    £5.28 - £6.80
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  • Ettore Porcupine Cover Sleeve

    Ettore Porcupine Cover Sleeve

    For tougher jobs, Ettore has developed this new washer with thousands of interwoven scrubbing bristles that cut through dirt, yet are gentle on glass and aluminum surfaces. Not recommended for Mylar tinted film or Lexan material.  

    £11.71 - £14.49
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