Streamline ECOLITE

Streamlines ECOLITE range come in two entry level ranges

Standard ECOLITE Glass Fibre Pole

Improved light-weight glass fibre construction with the renowned LITE-5 red durable pole hose - 3 layer construction giving firm yet flexible use even at lower temperatures.  The bonded collar and unique 6" angled adaptor - supplying 6" depth of clean for deep sills and window reveals.  With Xtels innovative 'flip-up' locking system for simple one handed operation.  

ECOLITE V2 Carbon Fibre Pole

New to their already vast range of waterfed poles.  Stiffer, Lighter and longer.  80% Carbon Fibre combines strength and lightness.  Fitted with an aluminium collar, 6" extension adjustable adaptor, the renowned LITE-5 pole tubing and flip-up locking system.