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Shine Miles have arrived at Wintecs - and if your not collecting them yet - why not?

 There are three easy ways to add Shine Miles to your account

Place an order and receive
1 Shine Mile for every £1 spent
Share us on Twitter and 
receive 50 Shine Miles
Share us on Facebook
and get 50 Shine Miles


 Save your Shine Miles up or spend them - it's up to you

Save 250 Shine Miles
and get a £5 off coupon           
Save 500 Shine Miles
and get a £10 off coupon
Or 1250 Shine Miles
for a £25 off coupon   


But this is only the start of the fun!

Once you have spent a total of £500 we will give you an additional 100 Shine Miles and 

move you up to our next level which earns you 2 Shine Miles for every £1 spent.

Reach £1,000 and you qualify for our top level earning 3 Shines Miles per £1.

Spends levels are per year and revert back to our base level however points earned are always carried over. Please note to keep your account active requires one purchase within a 12 Month period.  Inactive accounts will be closed however points will still be available for redemption for an additional 12 Month period.  Any questions about our Rewards Program or about your points balance and rewards please use the contact form below.