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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Posted by Mark Robins on 5th Oct 2020

Deep Cleaning

Quality tools for hygienic cleanliness

Deep Cleaning

Reasons for deep cleaning with UNGER

  • Hygiene & cleanliness are, now more than ever, the top criteria for your facility
  • You must truly clean to reduce risks like infections like Covid19
  • UNGER deep clean solutions help you to save time and money

Deep cleaning solutions by UNGER

UNGER double bucket up to 6 x times more hygienic than a single bucket *

The functional double buckets from UNGER are simply practical. Thanks to the two water chambers, the clean water is separated from the dirty water. This allows hygienic floor cleaning without the need for frequent water change. The floor also dries 58% faster than with traditional methods. When the operation is finished, the water can be emptied easily via the drain valve or the tilting edge. The integrated vertical press ensures the correct moisture level of the flat mops during floor cleaning. After application it can be easily stored due to the compact design.

* As independently tested by Sitemark Limited 17th April 2020. Sample test 3 of 3 ATP (adenoside triphosphate) reduction of 81.79% versus 12.21% (x 6.69 increase) measured against single bucket mopping

Deep Cleaning Double bucket
Deep Cleaning Smart Color

Surface cleaning with UNGER microfiber technology removes 96% of surface bacteria

The SmartColor MicroWipe microfiber cloth has a high absorbency and is therefore particularly suitable for absorbing liquids and dust. It is also able to remove dirt and bacteria easily, even from microscopic crevices and depressions. The durability of the SmartColor MicroWipe allows it to be used frequently over rough surfaces before it becomes thinner or gets holes. These criteria testify to its high durability, which significantly reduces long-term costs.

Colour coding system prevents cross-contamination

Distinct colour-coding makes it easy to separate tools into their correct areas of use. Washroom tools are kept in the restroom, kitchen tools are kept in the kitchen – reducing bacteria crosscontamination between high and low-risk areas. Proper use creates a healthier, more sanitary environment that benefits employees, occupants and visitors.

Deep Cleaning Colour Coding