Double Points Weekend

Posted by Mark Robins on 28th Jul 2017

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We hope that you are enjoying the benefits of our new Rewards System and busy collecting your points towards the reward of your choice.  Whether it's to get a discount on your next order or saving up for that bigger purchase there are several ways to get a 'leg-up'.

Double Point Weekends

From time to time we will be introducing double points to our savings scheme.  That means instead of earning 1 point for every £ you can earn 2 points.  Don't miss these advertised on Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media

By sharing us on Twitter and Facebook you can quickly earn an additional 50 points.  Just follow the link within the Rewards tab.

Recommend a Friend

This is where are Reward System is far more that just a loyalty point scheme.  Using your unique code get your friend to place their first order with us - They get 10% off their first order and you get a £5 voucher which you can use or add to your rising points balance

Start today and begin making savings.