OVA8 The Next Generation  of Waterfed Poles now extends from 5' to 22'

OVA8 The Next Generation of Waterfed Poles now extends from 5' to 22'

19th Nov 2019


Many of our customers are already enjoying the benefits of this new exciting addition to the Streamline Range.

The STREAMLINE® OVA8® carbon fibre telescopic poles is designed with ‘oval’ profile sections, allowing for zero pole spin and reduced wear of the sections from the pole clamps. Available in a number of different sizes, with numerous adapters and pole extensions, makes the STREAMLINE® OVA8® one of the best waterfed poles on the market to date!

Why use the STREAMLINE® OVA8® pole? 

• Its innovative design ensures that the dreaded pole spin associated with worn waterfed pole sections is a thing of the past. 

• Superb pole section clamps ensure the pole sections stay where you want them. 

• 100% carbon ensuring it’s as light as possible and as strong as possible. 

• Its 2 fl at sides make the pole easier to hold for long periods of time. 

• Available in 22' (25' reach) and closing to an amazing 5' Check it out here

Each STREAMLINE® OVA8® pole includes 

  • Adjustable nylon gooseneck
  • Tubing
  • STREAMLINE® brush 
  • and hose coupling

Make your STREAMLINE® OVA8® waterfed pole even more versatile

With a range of NEW STREAMLINE® OVA8® pole extensions, the STREAMLINE® OVA8® waterfed pole becomes even more versatile. Available in a number of bespoke pole sections, you can extend the reach of this great waterfed pole with ease.

DID YOU KNOW? ALL STREAMLINE® OVA8® POLES COME COMPLETE...? Each STREAMLINE® OVA8® pole includes our adjustable nylon gooseneck, tubing, a STREAMLINE® brush and a hose coupling