Window Cleaning Kit

Window Cleaning Kit

10th Dec 2019

It can be a minefield when you're starting out for the first time.  If you're looking for a ready selected kit check out the link

But if you're looking to put together your own Traditional Window Cleaning Kits...

  • What tools do I actually need?
  • What sizes are best?
  • What kind of rubber should I choose?
  • Which cloth is best for the job?

Let me see if we can help you out here.

What tools do I actually need?

As a basic you are going to need a bucket, squeegee and handle, washer sleeve and handle, scraper and a cloth - although adding a bucket on a belt will help you carry everything around with you.

What sizes are best?

14/35cm are a good choice as they are ample for larger windows but not too big for small area of glass.  Of course, if you have lots of large panes, you could opt for the 18/45cm or more small windows drop down to 10/25cm.  The great thing with most squeegees is that one handle fits all - so you can save some money and buy multiple channels.

Washer covers and sleeves can be matched to the size of squeegee you have chosen

What kind of rubber should I choose?

This question gets asked a lot.  What is the difference between hard and soft rubber and what's regular rubber.

Basically Hard rubber is best suited for warmer weather.  When the glass is hot and the air temperature is warm.  This will cause a hard rubber to become more supple and easier to use.

Soft rubber on the other-hand is best suited to cold weather when the glass and air temperature cause the rubber to become more rigid and better suited.

Regular rubber?  This is pretty much a middle ground and a good choice for both.

Which cloth is best for the job?

Cotton scrim has been the choice of window cleaners since the time of vinegar and newspaper!  No longer needing to be boiled before use this is a good choice for detailing and drying.  In more recent years the ultra-fine cotton fibres have been mimicked by microfiber cloths.  Both do a great job and available in several sizes.

Need anymore help and advice?  Please give us a call on 01208 892633 and we would be happy to help.